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    Interview with VIBE Magazine: Stage Presence & Performance Anxiety

    STAGE PRESENCE & PERFORMANCE ANXIETY   Vibe Magazine asked me to be their guest expert to critique a few performances by Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, and Jay-Z.   Here is the article that was compiled by Seth Berkman:   Seth Berkman interviews Performance Coach Laura Kessler for VIBE Magazine  |  May 2012  

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    Networking vs. Schmoozing

    Hi Laura- My question is this: I realize success in every industry requires networking but (a) I hate schmoozing and (b) isn’t that tacky for an artist to do? Is there some sort of balanced combination I’m missing? Help! -Career in Nowhereville Nowhereville, You’re right – networking is a necessary evil for major success in any industry, including (some would say especially) entertainment. While there are certainly those who have given it a bad name with their manipulative, smarmy tactics, there are also many ‘good guys’ around who likewise are seeking to find the gems among the stones. The fastest way to make these types of connections is generally through…