Singer-Songwriter Lab

“Laura has helped me to understand more of who I am and why I write what I do. I’ve found our time together to be very fruitful in opening and expanding my creative process. Her business sense is a great compliment to her songwriting ear.”

–Chris Grano


Get serious about your songwriting and composing. Put more definition and forward motion into your music by utilizing music theory and form knowledge. Learn to let go and write lyrics that resonate with others by daring to tap into who you really are. As a musician and performer myself, I understand what it takes to commit to the development of your craft. And with a past background working in A&R at a major record label, I also know what those at the top of the business are looking for.


The Singer-Songwriter Lab is one of my signature programs, and is ideal for the professional creating material for a studio album, to the amateur preparing for their first open mic. Wherever you are, I will coach you to the next level and beyond in a hard working and fun atmosphere. As your skills develop, we can incorporate career coaching and business sessions to determine your niche demographics and marketing options to help you realize your full commercial potential.


“Laura Kessler has a knack for helping singer/songwriters. Her insightful suggestions improved every song that I brought to her, both in terms of the song’s structure as well as the performance style. She really strives to help her students achieve their personal goals.”

–Maris Yanow