Entertainment Career Coaching with A&R Analysis

When I worked at BMG Entertainment (now Sony-BMG) I was fortunate to be mentored by some of the last true A&R men in the business. By that, I mean the ‘George Martin school’ of “hands on” A&R/producing as opposed to more recent A&R trends dominated by lawyers, accountants and third party distributors. If the latter is what you are seeking, I wish you luck, but you will need to look elsewhere. However, if you are ready to commit to your success by becoming a bonafide entrepreneur who is ready to take responsibility and steer the direction of your own career, then entertainment career coaching can be a very valuable investment.


All sessions are unique and cover topics including, but not limited to, business set-up, marketing direction, production decisions, target audiences, niche markets, portfolio presentation, press kits, sequencing, alternative promotion outlets, musical aesthetics and much more. Where musicianship issues arise and need to be worked out, they are thoroughly dealt with in a hands-on, full-service musical approach tailored to each individual client’s needs and requirements.


“As an up and coming musician learning the hard way for many years, I’ve always felt confident in my knowledge of the industry and comfortable in my abilities. However, I always wanted to get better and take myself to the next level professionally…Ear training, rock vocal techniques and music theory were the three areas of my game I wanted to improve. After interviewing several vocal coaches in the area, Laura stood out heads and shoulders above the rest and we began to work together. What started as “voice lessons” grew into a full spectrum of teaching and consulting. Our sessions grew from basic vocal techniques into piano lessons into full-on music composition and songwriting. As we progressed further, Laura became my band’s personal music coach helping us in areas such as A&R, marketing, image, stage performance and surviving the cutthroat music industry. Not only have I improved as a vocalist, I feel much better prepared in helping my band put itself in a position to be successful.”

–Matt Walus
Lead Singer

Valius (formerly Machine Gun Kelly Band)