Injury Rehab

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Learn how to prevent carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries.

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How to Save Your Voice When the Show Must Go On

Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention and Fitness for Musicians and Performers

Like athletes, musicians and public speakers are at a higher than average risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries by virtue of what we do. As part of a well-rounded regimen, I include fitness and injury prevention as a base component for all categories of lessons from pianists to vocalists and everything in between.

By combining elements of Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and mainstream core-strength fitness methods along with my own research into RSI prevention, I am committed to helping my clients build the necessary strength and technique to maximize their performance endurance and avoid career disabling injuries.

Are you currently injured or experiencing symptoms of tendonitis or vocal strain? When necessary, I am happy to work with your medical team of doctors to help you reintegrate your musical practice regime gradually and safely to avoid future injury. Please contact me for a free telephone consultation to discuss your unique needs.

Please also see my Musician’s RSI Prevention Book under the Projects page.


“I had only been playing piano for six months when I was diagnosed with a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). I am a computer programmer by profession, and spend hours at a time typing. When she learned that I had recently begun playing the piano, my physical therapist recommended that I stop, to avoid any additional stress. I was crushed. I had always wanted to play piano and was so happy that I had finally begun lessons. The idea of giving it up, just when I was beginning to see real progress in my playing, was hugely depressing.

If Laura wasn’t my piano instructor, I don’t think I would be playing piano today. When she found out that I had been diagnosed with an RSI, she went above and beyond in helping me. Under her guidance, I was able not only to continue learning music and playing piano, but also how to treat my injury and correct the behaviors and actions that may have led to it. Laura has been my piano instructor for over 2 years, and our lessons continue to be something I look forward to each week.”

-James Conway


“Laura is a wonderful strength advisor as well. We focused on core workouts which really strengthened my abdominals. We worked on the exercise ball, and she had a lot of new techniques I had not tried before. My singing voice improved because my strength at the core was improving.”

–April K.