Music Improvisation & Fake Book Interpretation

“Laura Kessler’s help with my improv piano technique was very valuable. Her knowledge of many different musical styles and her instincts and experience in accompaniment for improv groups enabled me to play for groups of my own within 3 months with confidence and skill.”

–G.P., Pianist, Actor & Improviser


Who needs to know Music Improvisation & Fake Book Interpretation?


  • All professional musicians, or those aspiring to be.


  • Classically trained musicians who have good sight-reading skills, but are not confident “jamming” or improvising


  • Musicians who have reached a reasonable level of success, but have never learned how to read music


  • Anyone who just wants to have fun, build a repertoire, or create their own compositions


Fake book and improvisational skills are essential when a lot of new material must be learned and polished in a short time, or when learning from sheet music is not an available option. It is also a very fun skill to hone simply for your own enjoyment!


“Laura designed a study program combining custom exercises and standard workbooks for me that quickly elevated my level of playing and improvising ability in just a few short months.”

–B. Hollett