Ear Training and Music Theory

“When I started I was tone deaf, had terrible pitch problems, and no musical background. Now, a few months later, I have total control of my voice, which has also made characters easier for my improv.”

–Graham Marvin


Our Theory and Ear Training curriculum is designed for Rock, Pop and Theater students, and is usually integrated within the scope of other types of musical coaching, rather than alone.


Ear Training is extremely beneficial for all singers, particularly those who sometimes struggle with pitch, hearing loss, or those wishing to master extremely advanced R&B / Blues vocal techniques.


An understanding of Music Theory is valuable to all musicians, and is an essential foundation for composers, songwriters and improvisers.


Advanced mindset training and cognitive rehearsal techniques based on the latest research developments are also available. This is helpful to all performers, but particularly those with pitch issues or who are recovering from carpal tunnel or vocal nodules and need to limit the duration of their practice time for a while.


Students will have the opportunity to develop their strengths while also addressing weaknesses in a patient and supportive environment.