Musical Direction & Comedic Songwriting

“It’s great to be able to give someone a lyric sheet and know that you are going to receive something brilliant. Laura does just that. With her music she adds the perfect feeling to a song. She can take something good and make it great.”

-Mark Lobo
Writer & Songwriter


Comedic Songwriting & Musical Direction

Music can make or break a theatrical production. A well-placed musical sketch can elevate a standard improv revue to a whole new dimension. Similarly, musical underscoring functions as an invisible, supportive character, solidifying the emotional content of each scene by either subtly – or aggressively – communicating subtext.


Comedic songwriting can be taught in groups or individually in both short and longterm courses. Please call for more information regarding musical direction for theater, stage and screen.


“As a director, it’s great to have a composer that you can work easily with who is very reliable and accommodating, especially when working with a new work that you have to be very flexible with. Laura was all of those things….We worked on “Emoticons Gone Wild” at Second City a couple years ago and she was one of the most enthusiastic, creative, talented, and flexible people that I’ve ever worked with.”

–Molly Martin
Theatre Director
AEA Stage Manager-New York