Composition and Songwriting with A&R Analysis

“Laura Kessler has a remarkable understanding and facility with almost every kind of music area possible. She is able to cater and adapt herself to your needs to provide a truly unique and personalized music education.”

–Joel Esher
Second City Music Director & Northwestern University graduate


Composition is a personal process. Every writer and composer needs to discover their own voice and artistic identity before they can be true to it. If you are serious and dedicated, I will help you take your songwriting and composing to the next level with advanced studies in form, theory, counterpoint, harmony and arranging.

As the instrumental counterpart to my Singer-Songwriter Lab, composition students are encouraged to utilize other categories of my training in conjunction with their lessons, such as Career Coaching and Musical Genres and Styles.


“Her musical knowledge and scholarship compliment her intuition and experience, allowing each lesson to be customized to the student’s personal needs and abilities, ensuring the success of the client no matter what their goals might be. She never fails to combine hard work with fun, always creating a positive atmosphere conducive to musical and personal growth.”

–Chastity Unique