Rock Voice Lessons

“I’ve tried several teachers and Laura is the best voice teacher I’ve used. Equally important to the improvements to my voice, she helped me focus my goals as a singer and musician. In working with her, I realized that my vocal confidence and stage presence needed to be addressed; she helped me immensely in these areas. I’ve recommended her to several of my musician friends and all have been happy with their progress after working with her.”

–Scott Ely


There are many misconceptions about Rock/Pop singing. On one side, you have those who think rock singing is a baseless genre that requires no skill or technique (wrong). On the other side, you have those who believe screaming and crazy stage antics are a good enough substitute for genuine talent (doubly wrong). A good voice is a good voice period, regardless of the genre. There is a right way and wrong way to speak and sing correctly, just as there is a right and wrong way to pick up a heavy object.

I offer professional vocal coaching for serious professionals and dedicated amateurs/beginners focusing in Rock, Pop and Theater genres. Personalized integrative lessons are tailored to fit your specific goals in a unique, patient and exciting teaching approach focusing heavily on emotional expression and healthy form. How you choose to aesthetically style your voice is a personal choice I will support and guide you in. If pitch is a serious issue for you, we may begin with an Ear Training intensive. Adults and mature teenagers welcome.


“When I started, I was a mousy choir singer. After taking lessons from Laura, I now have a greater range and the confidence to appear on stage with a band. An added bonus was the work out! We focused on ab and leg exercises that I still use today.”

–April K


“I knew I had a good voice for rock, but with Laura helping me on my range, tone and breath support it has improved A LOT! I am still going to take lessons from Laura because she helped me and I know she can help anyone else no matter what genre.”

–Jeff Dean, Lead singer
Chicago and Washington D.C.